Free Bets – Are They Something for Nothing?

Traditionally the old adage says that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But with the online gambling market now more competitive than ever, most sports bookmakers promote free bets to try and attract new customers. We are going to look at how this is possible and how you can benefit from these offers.

Bookmakers are traditionally known as sly roguish characters who operate in shady premises and have questionable morals. This image is way out of date these days, freebet as not only have betting shops become more friendly, but the way people bet has changed with more and more people opting to bet online.

The rise of online gambling has prompted a dramatic rise in the number of bookmakers a consumer can choose between. Such competition has had great benefits to the customer in the form of better prices and better offers, as bookmakers have had to raise their game to stand out and attract customers. It is this need to attract customers which is the motivation behind these free bet offers, and bookmakers hope that once you have used their service and had your free bet you will continue to bet with them, and they will recoup any investment they have made in awarding you a free bet.

To obtain a free bet, you need to follow the instructions the offer gives you and adhere to the terms and conditions. The usual format for these offers is that you must bet a specified amount (known as a qualifying bet) and once you have the betting company will usually match your stake up to the advertised amount (as a freebie). It is important you read the terms and conditions prior to joining, as they state information it is important to be aware of before undertaking an offer. Be aware that most offers are different. The key points are:

Minimum odds– some offers require your qualifying bet to be above stated minimum odds. If your bet is below these minimum odds it won’t count and the offer will either be void or you’ll need to make another bet to get the free one.

Rollover– some offers require you to bet the bonus a certain number of time before you can withdraw it, most bonuses require you to bet it at least once- but some specify more.

Free Bet expiry– many offers have a time limit for you to use your bonus (usually 30 days), if you don’t bet with it in that time its taken away.

Instructions– some of the bigger free bet offers have multi-part instructions for you to collect the full amount of free bets, this is detailed in the T&C and usually involves further bets.

Remember all offers aren’t the same, the two most important points to remember are that you should check the betting company are reputable before you join and deposit money with them and you should read the terms and conditions of the free bet carefully.

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