How to Twist Balloons – Balloon Twisting and Modeling Tips

One of the skills that you can use to put up your small business if balloon twisting. Aside from being a balloon decorator, you can also put up a balloon business where you can incorporate balloon twisting and modeling. Indeed, being able to learn how to twist balloons can boost up your entertainment value as well as the appeal of your balloon business.

If you are looking for ways to impress your kids or to make your balloon business more appealing, here are some general tips on how to twist balloons and how you can make different designs out of it and boost your business.

– Learn the different types of balloons you can use for your twisting project. As your design gets complicated, you can also use different types of balloons to help you achieve the design you want. Of course, you have to consider which types are easy to work with when it comes to twisting and modeling.

– Leave space for the twisting. One of the important tips that you have to keep in mind if you want to learn balloon twisting and modeling is to leave enough space while you inflate the balloon so that it can still accommodate pressure of the air inside it that may result from the twisting. Leaving enough space will also help you avoid shortage of your balloons for your designs.

– Use good quality balloons for your twisting and modeling projects. Of course, you do not want your projects to burst before you start twisting them. For sure, you don’t want to be embarrassed of with balloons that burst even before the party starts as well.

– Use a hand pump to inflate your balloons. This is the best way to inflate your balloons for ease and convenience as well, rather than using your own lungs to blow air into your projects.

– Start twisting from the nozzle to push the air up and allow you to work easier as you move twist towards the tail end, where you can get rid of excess air if needed.

– Wear ear plugs if you are not comfortable with balloons popping while you are working on your projects. Of course, it is inevitable that balloons can pop, and if you are bothered by these, you can wear ear plugs to help you during your balloon modeling.

– Make sure that you also clean and dry your hands if you will be working on balloon twisting. Do not let children play with the balloons before you twist them. Their hands might be sticky and can make the balloons difficult to twist and design.

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