Black Prom Shoes For Boys – 3 Different Types of Boy’s Shoes to Wear With His First Tuxedo

You have spent a lot of time and effort making sure that you chose the right tuxedo for his first school prom, now all you need to complete the picture are a good pair of black prom shoes for boys. To make sure that they are the perfect fit, leave it until a couple of weeks before the occasion before you buy them, but always make sure that he has worn them in around the house to make sure that they will not be uncomfortable on the night.

Below are three different types of boy’s shoes to wear with his first tuxedo, all of which could be described as dress shoes for boys.

Suggestion 1: Loafers

Loafers are always a safe bet for black prom shoes, as they tick the boxes of being stylish and practical. There are also no laces to worry about, which is particularly good for younger boys. Loafers come in all different finishes, but the slightly shinier ones tend to look more formal. If you are worried about them getting scuffed, however, the suede finish can also look very dressy. With loafers it is essential to get a good fit, you want to make sure that the heel is not too tight, but if the heel is too loose it will slip off. The heel of the shoes should rest snugly, but not tightly around the back of the heel.

Suggestion 2: Lace Ups

A slightly more formal and classic looking shoe are the lace up black prom shoes for boys, and again the shiny finish will make them look all the more formal. These really are special occasion shoes and tend to be a little bit more expense, and as these tend to look more grown up and classic in style you may meet with a bit more resistance when trying to buy these, but it will be worth it to make sure that he looks great on his big day.

Suggestion 3: Boy’s Dress Shoe

If you would prefer to try to get a bit more wear out of a pair of shoes, then you could opt for the casual boy’s dress shoe. These tend not to come in a shiny finish and will have a thicker, chunkier sole and may even be textured. As long as they are black they will still work well with his tuxedo but he could also wear them with jeans or casual trousers and you may find that he will be happier wearing them.

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