Celebrating Birth of Babies With Holistic Baby Care

In The Beginning…

The birth of a baby marks a grand beginning. It’s also the celebration of a new life.

Mothers who gave birth to their babies have just embarked on a lifelong and eventful journey, growing and nurturing them eventually to adulthood. What is to come is a rich blend of pleasures and anxieties.

Baby Care Can Be Challenging

There are pleasures because the newborn baby is just a bundle of joy! Babies bring lots of fun and “play” to family life. Anxieties will be high for many mothers, however, especially for those who are ill-prepared and inexperienced. Many mothers with grown-up children can testify to the fact that baby care isn’t going to be smooth-sailing or easy. In fact, it can get quite messy at times.

Babies tend to grow quite quickly between the ages of one and three years. During these times, they will experience many changes. Mothers, facing many challenges this season must do their best to help their babies become independent, stay healthy and remain happy.

The First Few Months

The first few months following their birth are vital for babies. At this stage babies have a strong need to feel love and secure. They seek to have both needs met through playing, interacting, experimenting and learning.

Also, parents must not underestimate the need and value of giving their babies quality time, cuddling and stroking them to ensure that they are always comfortable, warm and healthy.

Babies Can and Should Learn

Babies will have to learn from their parents about how to remain secure and also to receive love, comfort and warmth. Such ongoing mother-baby interactions are especially necessary to help newborns find pleasure, feel loved and experience a deeper sense of security. They will also help prepare babies for their next season of growth.

Babies also need to learn how to do things on their own such as shaking their rattles to make some noise, while parents must ensure that their babies are fed whenever it becomes necessary and to also ensure that the baby is always feeling comfortable.

Toys Matter More Than You Know

Toys as baby gift play an important part in the life of a baby. So much thought and care is needed when selecting toys for your baby.

When choosing toys for babies it is necessary to ensure that you keep things simple. Do not go overboard with giving them electronic toys. It won’t do babies any good buying toys that do not help in encouraging them to imagine things; a stuffed animal or doll that can talk and sing, for example, is a good choice.

Select Your Toys Purposefully

The goal should be to promote spontaneity and creativity in babies and it is not wise to give them something that does not help them stretch and use all their senses and imagination.

There are also many risks involved in giving electronic toys to a baby. These include risking slower child development and even weight gain. Electronic toys can also hamper the baby’s ability to think on its own. In extreme cases, they could even cause hearing impairment as well as delayed progress with language and other developments.

Holistic Baby Care

Beyond play and interactions, parents ought to pay special attention to the nutritional needs of babies. They should ensure that the baby gets enough calories as well as plenty of energy by giving appropriate foods. It is also necessary to ensure that the baby is not fed with too big a portion of food as that will overwhelm the baby’s appetite and also be more than what the little stomach can hold.


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