Wabash Trailer Innovations – Facts You Need to Know

The Wabash trailer manufacturing company has only been around since 1985, but in that timeframe they have established themselves as a producer of high quality dry and refrigerated vans, as well as other specialty trailers. Their commitment to durable construction and innovative design sets them apart from many of the other trailers on the road. Here are a few Wabash trailer innovations that every independent operator should know.

Intermodal Trailers for Road and Rail

Wabash takes shipping to another level with its Intermodal RoadRailer trailer. Imagine the ability to quickly and easily change from highway travel to rail cart. https://wabash.ca/ This trailer gives you the most flexibility when it comes to meeting the needs of your shipping company, which can be perfect when it comes to minimizing fuel and transport costs while maximizing the cargo load. The RoadRailer is truly an innovation that can help your company stand out and keep your shipping methods flexible.


The SolarGuard Roof by Wabash improves the efficiency of their refrigerated trailers through the use of a roof material that reflects the sun’s UV rays. This means that less heat will be absorbed through the roof of the refrigerated van, which makes it easier to maintain a consistent temperature within the cargo hold while minimizing the use of the cooling unit. With less runtime on the cooling unit you can expect fewer maintenance problems and a longer life span. Studies have shown that this roof material can save as much as 17% of the typical fuel consumption when compared to a similar trailer with aluminum for the roofing material. The Wabash SolarGuard can offer significant savings over the lifetime of the trailer, which has a direct and immediate impact on your bottom line.

DuraPlate AeroSkirt

As the cost of fuel goes up the ability to add fuel saving technology to a new or used trailer is incredibly important. The DuraPlate AeroSkirt by Wabash allows the driver to reduce their fuel costs by as much as 6% by improving the aerodynamics as the trailer moves down the highway. This innovation can be easily attached to an existing trailer and is designed to stand up to the harsh conditions that drivers experience on the road and in the docking stations. Constructed of Wabash’s patented DuraPlate composite materials, the three panel skirt is designed to be installed in sections, which allows for simpler installation as well as easy future repairs.

The AeroSkirt is a great way to get your trailer certified under the SmartWay program developed by the EPA, as it helps you meet the requirement for fuel reduction of at least 5%. All you need is low rolling resistance tires and you will have what it takes to be certified.

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