Tropical Wall Art – Decorating a Four-Season Room With Island Flair

Many people dream of lying on a tropical sandy beach lined with palm trees while listening to soothing sounds of birds and ocean waves crashing to the shore under the hot summer sun. It is possible to bring some of the beauty of the tropics home with tropical wall art and related decor. Consider the following ideas for decorating a four-season room with tropical wall art, and give your room with a view a touch of island flair that will provide the look and feel of a tropical paradise all year round.

How to Create a Stunning Tropical Focal Point

When creating any focal point it is important to choose a work of high-quality art to fit bare wall space. Choose a tropical piece too small and it will appear lost on an ocean of wall. Select art too large and it will overtake the space and look out of place. After choosing the main subject of the focal point, select accent pieces that coordinate well with the display. A four-season room looks amazing at night when illuminated with candle sconces, and they are an excellent choice. Mount candle sconces, one on each side of the main focal piece. Outfit the sconces with tropical scented candles such as coconut, pineapple, or jasmine. Light the candles to illuminate the four-season room and the display. The natural candlelight will bring out amazing details and colors in metal art, and it will look highly dramatic.

Decorating with Large Works of Tropical Metal Wall Art

Large works of art can be used as a focal point on a bare wall, and no other accents are required. Consider selecting a single large piece to adorn a bare four-season room wall. Tropical wall art portraying the textures and details of palm trees, tropical foliage, tropical birds with vivid colors, and wildlife are all excellent choices. Metal wall art with tropical style is available in all price ranges, and when shopping online the decorating options are limitless.

Ideas for Decorating a Four-Season Room with Island Accents

Tropical accents are ideal when decorating a four-season room. Consider a set of metal butterfly sculptures that add three-dimensional design and beauty to walls. They make fantastic accents with almost any island art. Interesting amphibians also make amazing accents in a four-season room. They can be arranged to appear as if they are climbing the walls next to doorways, window treatments, and other works of art. Three-dimensional flair can also be added with strings of vibrant tropical flowers. Select high-quality faux flowers of various colors, types, and sizes, and string them on invisible thread. Gracefully drape the flowers over four-season room window valances and over doorways. Add strings of small decorative accent lights for a truly beautiful island look that can be illuminated day or night.

Metal Bamboo and Bird Wall Art

Bamboo and bird wall art evokes visions of beautiful tropical islands, and it can be incorporated into the decorating scheme of a four-season room in the form of metal decor. Add color and natural design to a four-season room with a large metal wall sculpture that includes tropical foliage and beautiful brilliantly colored birds. From macaws to cockatoos, you will find beautiful works of bird wall art that will add considerable color to a tropical four-season room. In addition, select two matching bamboo metal wall hangings to mount on both sides of the bird wall art. The amazing color and texture will generate many compliments, and the arrangement will look amazing.

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