Choosing the Right Mobile Disco for Your Event

If you want to make sure that the event is remembered for all the right reasons and that the guests are still talking about the night being a great night for a long time and go away thinking what a perfect time they had, please take a look at my guide of what to look for when boooking a Dj and bear these things in mind. when you book your disco you need to feel that the person that you have booked ticks all the boxes below. The Dj can make or break an event so try to find out some of the things mentioned below and put your mind at rest.

1) Make sure that the DJ has a Website so that you can browse through it.

2) Look at the feed back on the Website, do the testimonials look genuine.

3) Have a look at the pictures on the Website, this is a perfect way to know what to expect when the DJ turns up.

4) Make sure that the DJ has Public liability insurance, this is needed to gain entry into most Venues now and the last thing that you want is for the Disco to turn up on the event night and not be allowed into the building.

5) Talk to the DJ and ask if he has the type of music that you want played at your Party or Wedding.

6) Don’t be surprised if the price that the DJ quotes is higher than what you thought it would be, after all the DJ is running a business

7) Ask the DJ if he will confirm the booking in writing, this is the correct way to avoid any confusion.

8) Don’t be afraid to tell the DJ what you want for your event, things like, not having the music to loud and any announcements you want made on the night.

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