Meet the Beat Maker

Disc jockey, commonly called “deejay” is known to be a person that selects and plays recorded songs intended for an audience like in cocktail parties, clubs, or on the radio.

There are various types of disc jockeys; among these are the radio DJs, club DJs, reggae, hip hop and Mobile disc jockeys. DJs that are working on radio stations introduce and play music but most of the time does a lot of talking on the air. They entertain guests visiting their studios, giving updates on what is latest in the community on air.

Club DJs plays music in bars, disco houses, bars, or in stadiums. Reggae DJs function as vocalist who does rapping with the beat of pre-recorded rhythm tracks. Hip hop DJs usually back up MCs and play music through various turntables by scratching on them to produce sounds. Mobile disk jockeys carries with them portable sound system to play in different events.

Being a good disc jockey is not an easy job. You have to be a fast thinker and knowledgeable enough so you can make ad-lib in parties or commenting over the radio while preparing for the next song. A DJ should have good speaking voice, a well-polished grammar, and has enough knowledge in music.

It takes a lot of practice and actual experience to become a great DJ. Get to know how to use the equipments DJs and practice often. Among these equipments are the mediums for recording sound like compact disks and vinyl records. You have to know how to use the DJ equipment by heart and among these are multiple sequencers, a software or hardware to manage computer generated music, sound system, DJ mixer, sound system, etc.

Disc jockeys should be creative in order to mix and blend the recorded music better. They have to know the techniques like queueing, audio mixing, beat juggling, scratching, equalization, back spinning and a lot more.

Together with good skills and experience, a person becomes a great disc jockey if he exhibits passion for his work. Love for music is essential to make good in what you do.

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