New Teacher Tips – How a Teacher-Mentor Can Help in Your First Year of Teaching

How can teacher mentors help a new teacher? New teachers in their first year need a teacher mentor to help guide and support him or her in this overwhelming year.

Teachers starting out can become easily lost in a big educational system with thirty or so students to teach. But for every new teacher, there is a seasoned teacher who has been there, done that and can share a few tips of the trade in order to prevent you from sinking too deep. This illusion of not having enough teacher control typically results from a lack of classroom experience. Lesson plans can look good on paper, but successful lessons depend largely on maintaining an effective classroom management system.

So how can a teacher mentor help with classroom management?

A mentor offers the best gift to a new teacher: objectivity. Mostly likely, you will be telling him/her classroom situation s/he has experienced before. It is a good idea to sit with your lesson plan and reassess your objectives. What went well? What didn’t? Use the following checklist to help you deal with classroom management and classroom organization issues.

A Teacher-Mentor Checklist: Troubleshooting Issues.

Teacher mentors can start by looking at the lesson plan itself. How is it structured?

· Was there sufficient time for practicing the new skills?

· Did pupils cooperate in the learning tasks? (try and isolate the main contingents for discipline problems)

· Was there a balance between learning and teaching?

· Was there a diversity of learning tasks and teaching methods?

· How could you tighten lesson openings and beginnings?

· How could activities be shorter? Longer?

· Was there enough transition or ‘glue’ between each part of the lesson plan?

· Was the subject motivating enough? How could you motivate them differently?

· Did the students have enough familiarization with the subject content?

· How could you engage the students? What classroom techniques can you try to improve your classroom management?

Together, evaluate the classroom outcomes together with your written version of your lesson plans. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your class didn’t go as badly as you thought.

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