Soiree Bus: The Party Bus

Nowadays, travelling to your night out in style is not all that uncommon. Limousine and bus rentals are affordable to large groups, meaning even unlikely customers (such as teenagers) can be seen whizzing around major cities in this sort of luxury ride. Paris, however, has taken this to the next level by not only renting buses to take people to clubs, but making the bus itself the club!

These types of mobile discos, which you may spot when travelling from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris in the evening, are known as ‘soirée bus’, which roughly translates as the ‘night-out bus’. They are, as the name indicates, converted buses, with strobe lights and disco balls installed, as well as a DJ table. They function just like regular night-clubs, with the added detail that, if standing up, you have to hang on to the guard rail – yes, the bus is moving the entire time, and drunker partiers may find themselves on the floor if they are not careful!

Inside the bus, a partygoer may find all the amenities a nightclub would offer, such as toilets, cloakrooms, central heating, plasma screens, a DJ booth and, of course, a bar. There are even bouncers at the door as the people come in! The space itself is tastefully decorated (in a mixture of venge wood and stainless steel), fits up to 60 people and contains 23 seats, making it well suited to medium-sized private parties. It is not, however, likely to be used as a weekly night haunt, since most of the party crowd will be hard-pressed to come up with the nearly €1000 a booking on the Party Bus demands.

If you are thinking of booking a party on one of these buses, but are somewhat self-conscious, be warned: just as you will be able to see the partygoers dancing if you cross one of these buses on your way from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris, so too will other people be able to see you and your friends during your party! So if you do end up hosting one of these mobile parties, also make sure to be on your toes and make sure nobody does anything out of line or embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Party Buses are only available for private hire, and do not double as shuttles. Can you imagine a more amazing way to undergo your commute from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris?

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