Healing in a Nutshell

It seems everything today comes in a nutshell. Cable headline news. Bite-size, impacting ads. “In a Nutshell” was the title of a hot, end-of-century country tune (and even nuts still come that way). Since this is mainly a book on why some Christians aren’t healed, I must condense divine healing into the proverbial nutshell. It’s not as hard a nut to crack as some have made it. Healing and nuts aren’t so different after all. While the nut sometimes requires powerful intervention to break open, the insides are not so complicated. But there is a lot to chew on – here’s some food for thought.

Is Healing God’s Will?

Why do we even ask if healing is God’s will? Is it God’s will that we be saved? Can you see someone coming to Christ and saying, “Jesus, save me, if it is your will”?

Remember the man who came to Jesus and asked Him to heal him if He was willing (Luke 5:12-13)? Jesus plainly said He was willing. It is His will.

Look how many times it says in the gospels that He “healed them all” (Mat. 12:15, Luke 6:19, Acts 10:38, etc.). He never refused to heal anyone. Would He have healed all that came to Him if it wasn’t His will?

Ted Williams made baseball history by batting over .400. That’s only a 40% success rate. God bats a thousand! His perfect will is to heal 100% of those who ask. He is a perfect hitter. The problem is that our hindrances keep Him from stepping up to the plate and going to bat for us.

The only place Jesus was hindered from healing all was in His hometown (Mark 6:5). They couldn’t believe anything good could come from the “local yokel.” So even though our Healer is a perfect hitter, He rarely goes to bat for those who refuse to believe.

Does Sickness Glorify God?

When I played little league baseball, I got in some tight situations at bat. I would have loved to have my boyhood idol Mickey Mantle step in and pinch-hit for me.

You would think that people who get in tight spots health-wise would like nothing better than to see Jesus come to bat for them and save the day.

Doesn’t every sick person want to be made well?

I always thought the answer to that question was an obvious yes. But since I have been serving in healing ministry, I found that many people don’t answer yes to that question.

That revelation came as a shock to me. I thought everyone would welcome the good news I related: God promises to heal every one of our diseases. Wow! What great news!

But what a shock I got! Many sick Christians don’t even want to be healed! What a sick way of thinking!

From the least to the greatest, many Christians today think their illness glorifies God! And God is not going to heal those who are happy to be sick!

When someone dares say it is God’s will they be healed, that offends some. How dare insinuate that these righteous sick people might be imperfect in any way? I guess they would prefer to blame God, who supposedly uses sickness to glorify His name.

All this confusion makes God “sick”! He never intended His children to be ill or that sickness should become a badge of righteousness.

Those, like me during my illness, who feel holier than the healed, are not the sweet-smelling savor in God’s nostrils they think they are. Their attitude stinks to high heaven!

Some Christians in wheelchairs justify God not healing them by saying it helps them understand others who are sick. That may be, but that’s not God’s perfect will.

Do we sin so we can understand sinners? We may use our past life of sin to minister to sinners, but Jesus warns us: “Go, and sin no more!” It’s the same with sickness.

Jesus never once told lame people it was better if they stayed lame to better minister to the lame. He told them instead, “Get up and walk!” Jesus treats sin and sickness the same. He hates both! Do we?


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