Differences Between Wet And Dry Shaving

Men have the pleasure of shaving their face multiple times each and every week. The act of shaving involves using a sharp metal blade scrapped across the skin. Women also shave but usually it is to remove leg and arm hair rather than facial hair. For basic shaving all you need is a razor and soap, but there are many shaving items such as straight razors, shaving cream, razor strops, and shaving stones. But aside from the items you need, first we need to look at the difference between wet and dry shaving. Buy any account

Wet shaving has long been the classic way to shave. The skin is moistened, cream applied, and shaving commences. It is a dirty job if you don’t have a fresh bowl or sink full of water to rinse with. Wet shaving usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete properly and may not be for everyone. If have bad skin, shaving this close might make your skin complications even worse.

Shaving with an electric razor is known as dry shaving. You do not need any cream or water and it can be done very quickly. Typically you won’t encounter cuts or accidents as much with an electric razor. Electric razors cost more than $100 which is much more expensive than a wet razor. However, after you have bought a quality razor you will only need to clean it and replace the foils.

If you want to ensure that your skin stays healthy after a shave then you should use a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin hydrated and help heal any problems that may have developed. The best thing is to take your time and always use a sharp razor. That will help ensure that your face stays nice.


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