Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success – Part #3

I have received incredible feedback on the financial quotes series so I am providing another ten GEMS for you to ponder and evaluate. Sometimes a great book has had a profound impact in my life and made me change my ways. Occasionally a great quote has also had the same effect. Enjoy!

1) “I learned more about economics from one South Dakota dust storm than I did in all my years at college.”

-Hubert Humphrey

2) “A bull must be fed every day with good news. But a bear need only be fed once in a while.”


3) “Each of us has a choice – we must make money work for us or we must work for money.”

-Conrad Leslie

4) “Don’t ever make the mistake of telling the market it is wrong.”

-James Dines

5) “It was never my thinking that made me money. It was my sitting.”

-Jesse Livermore

6) “Stocks are simple. All you do is buy shares in a great business for less than the business is intrinsically worth, with managers of highest integrity and ability. Then you own those shares forever.” More details please visit:-https://www.kparkerjoinery.co.za/ https://www.studiomokc.com/ https://www.masterofficeprojects.co.za/ https://primrosetransport.co.za/ https://678-hd.com/ www.naiwaennet.com

– Warren Buffett

7) “The trading rules I live by are: (a) Cut losses, (b) Ride Winners, (c) Keep bets small, (d) Follow the rules without question, and (e) Know when to break the rules.”

-Ed Seykota

8) “Taxpayer: Someone who works for the government but doesn’t have to take a civil service examination.”

-Ronald Reagan

9) “October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.”

-Mark Twain

10) “It’s not how much you make when you are right. It is how little you lose when you are wrong! Manage your risk on every trade and the winners will take care of themselves!”

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