Get Pregnant Fast and Healthy – 15 Tips

Many mothers-to-be focus on how to become pregnant fast when they have decided on motherhood or starting a family. Other women may have already decided but have trouble conceiving. However, many times the answers lie in the simple, basic and common sense tips that actually speed the process along. Much of that successful outcome is dependent on how mothers-to-be care for their bodies not only during pregnancy, but beforehand as well.

Here are 15 tips to guide you toward a healthy pregnancy:

1. Prenatal Care – Receiving the proper prenatal care is one of the most important things you can do for your unborn child. Don’t miss appointments unless it cannot be helped, and immediately reschedule any missed ones. Always listen to your caregiver, and respond honestly to any questions asked. This is no time to be secretive.

2. Proper Nutrition – Eating a healthy diet is critical for a healthy pregnancy. Don’t skip meals, and focus on healthy protein rich foods low in fat and sugar. It’s okay to enjoy a sweet craving now and then as most pregnant women do. Your caregiver will provide you with specifics regarding the types of food you should be eating in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

3. Medications – During pregnancy, every precaution must be taken regarding any type of over the counter or prescription medications. This includes the use of herbal remedies as well. Discuss with your caregiver any prescription medications you take on a regular basis, and inquire what over the counter meds may be used when absolutely necessary.

4. No Smoking – If you smoke, you should plan to stop before you get pregnant, and most definitely once you are. Research has proven that smoking is not only dangerous to your health, but your baby’s as well and can result in a high risk pregnancy and/or birth defects.

If you cannot stop smoking on your own, seek professional help because it is essential that you end this habit for the health of both you and your baby. You have a choice in the matter; your baby does not. If you want to experience a healthy pregnancy, stop smoking.

5. Exercise – Exercise is important for a healthy pregnancy, however the types of exercises you do and the level of exertion should be tempered around the fact that you are expecting. Walking is better than jogging, for example. Exercise during pregnancy lowers the potential risk of miscarriage and can help you with an easier birth experience.

6. Rest – Pregnant women need plenty of rest. You may find yourself in need of naps you never needed before. By all means take them; listen to what your body tells you and oblige if you want to experience a healthy pregnancy. More details please visit:-

7. Prenatal Vitamins – Ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins. You should take them as prescribed for a healthy pregnancy.

8. Read and Research – Find out all you can about pregnancy and the different bodily changes that take place throughout the term. Consult a book such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. This is an excellent reference for expectant moms and loaded with useful information to guide you in a healthy pregnancy.

9. Attend a Childbirth Class – Attending a childbirth class can dispel many of the myths and fears you have regarding childbirth. It is also a great way to interact with other pregnant women so you don’t feel so alone in your journey to motherhood.

10. Rethink Responsibilities – Pregnancy is a time when you must delegate to others some of the duties and responsibilities you normally assume. You should avoid cat litter, house cleaning chemicals, and nursery remodeling materials such as paint fumes and wallpaper paste. If you aren’t sure about a specific task, cleaner, etc., then consult your doctor for advice.

11. Read Labels – Products that might possibly have adverse effects on pregnant women and/or their unborn babies usually have a precautionary statement on the label. Develop a rigorous habit early in your pregnancy to read labels on products.

12. No Weight Loss Dieting – This does not mean you should throw caution to the wind regarding calorie and fat intake. Pregnant women, however, are advised to add 300-500 calories to their already recommended requirement

If you want a healthy pregnancy, this is not the time to go on a weight loss diet. There will be plenty of time for that after the baby is born. During pregnancy it is much more important to focus on proper nutrition for both you and your unborn baby.

13. Body Tune Up – Listen to your body; if it says rest, then rest. If it says eat, then eat. If it says “I want pickles and tomatoes on a banana split,” send hubby out to find it. Your body is much smarter than you may give it credit for and may be telling you something specific your body needs for a healthy pregnancy.

14. Utilize Available Resources – Pregnancy is a time to rely on family and friends for help. You’ll usually find them willing to assist in any way they can. Don’t feel guilty for relying on them. Graciously accept their contributions and assistance. This is your special time; relax and enjoy it, and let others feel good about helping you.

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