Top Class Wireless Communication Networks in Pakistan

To cater for all these needs you need a quick to access, convenient and reasonable service provider. Many companies have jumped into the business to satisfy such needs worldwide. In Pakistan, however, there are few main providers with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive packages, for fulfilling the criteria.

WorldCall Pakistan: is one of the best network solution providers, when it comes to telecom and related services. It has a distinct and diverse product and service range, which encompass everything from a wireless telephone connection to a wireless broadband. It also provides entertainment services including Digital TV, Cable TV and On Demand Videos.

WorldCall Wireless Broadband provides Plug & Play USB device, with outclass speed and unlimited download. It is portable and mobile, no power recharge and facilitates internet using 3G CDMA technology at 3.1 Mbps.

WorldCall Cable Broadband called Thunder – is a 10 Mbps data transfer facility, which utilizes a hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) infrastructure. It allows top internet browsing and video streaming, along with quick uploading and downloading of rich media content. The packages for this connection are flexible and user specific. Zong share balance code It is one of the best services provided by WorldCall Pakistan.

One other wireless specialist company is Wi-tribe, which is a Bahrain based company; it is also operating in Jordan and Philippines. It is an emerging company, branching out from key cities of Pakistan including; Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Wi-tribe Pakistan: offers its services business and home usage and youth is specifically targeted by the company as being the extensive customer base. It provides exclusive wireless network communication solutions, in three major product-service categories

Wi-tribe Desktop modem also known as slider connects the users with desktop to the wireless broadband. These services are provided in the range of 256Kbps – 1.5 Mbps with monthly rates as per, volume and package chosen by the customer.

Wi-tribe Wi-Fi modem – Slider Plus offers portability and mobility, creating a wire free environment for you along the same lines as slider. Thus, with this service more value in the form of freedom is provided at workplace and home.

Wi-tribe Dongle is a small USB with which you can work and browse even when you are traveling. It is totally hassle free easy to use and available in 256Kbps and 512 Kbps, with a volume limit of 6 and 10 GB respectively.

Customer care, follow up emails and other value added services are also available with Wi-tribe Pakistan. Summing up all, the wireless broadband communication networks are seamlessly providing services at their best.

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