Biofuels News – 14 Airlines to Use Biofuel

When AltAir Fuels chose to create a jet fuel from camelina plant seeds, they were hoping some of the world’s most popular airlines would buy into the idea of running a more eco-friendly plane. The bet worked out for AltAir. According to recent biofuels news reports, the company has signed 14 airlines that are ready to make the change to alternative energy.

With fuel production due to begin in 2012, the company is currently signing airlines to agreements to buy the fuel. Between two production facilities, according to biofuels news, a combined 325 million gallons of alternative fuel could be produced each year. But how far will these gallons truly stretch? More details please visit:-

According to the holding capacity of a Boeing 747-400, 325 million gallons of alternative energy could power the plane through nearly 50 million miles of flights. The reduction in carbon and pollutant emissions in the first year alone would be substantial.

Biofuels news reports that the United States, Canada, Germany and Mexico have all signed agreements to buy the camelina based (or other renewable natural source) fuel when production begins. Other sources of production could include feed stocks, coal and petroleum coke.

AltAir will be partnering with Rentech, out of Los Angeles, to boost production numbers. Rentech will be producing the majority of the energy at an estimated output of 250 million gallons per year. At press time, AltAir estimates being able to produce only 75 million gallons from the Seattle based plant. It is estimated that the alternative production will reduce the amount of traditional fuel use by up to 10%.

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