Thunder Bay Ontario News and Activities

Thunder Bay has been known for it’s colder temperatures, colours and arctic reputation. This could be part of the reason why it is considered a hockey city and the citizens would not have it any other way. The city and surrounding areas boast many great activities such as fishing, canoeing, hiking, camping and many other great outdoor activities. Being on the edge of Lake Superior which is considered the greatest of the five Great Lakes because it is the largest freshwater lake in the world makes it a great place for people who love the outdoors.

Thunder Bay is also located very close to the US border which gives residents a change in scenery when they need one! Our city has a great location and brings forth many natural resources in the Northern Ontario area and hosts many different cultures within the community and surrounding areas. The st time to visit Thunder Bay is between June and September as everything is in full swing. More details please visit:- drugs online store sacouri dama

We are a major destination in Ontario north much like the greater Toronto areas that bring many people for various activities but our activities are more outdoor recreational. The majority of people will come during the summer months though as it gives them a lot more to do as we have a beautiful area and many great camping and fishing locations.

Some of the more notable attractions would include Kakabeka Falls, Terry Fox Lookout, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Hoito, Kangas Sauna, Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine and Fort William Historical Park. Wherever you find yourself you will have a good time and take in great scenery which is something many look forward to within Northwestern Ontario.

No matter if you live in Thunder Bay or are planning to visit, you will likely find something to accommodate you as the city is very culturally rich and brings forth lots of different entertainment and dinery. The city also boasts a live nightlife that includes cinema, music shows, roller derby, art events, rap shows and much much more.

There are many websites online for Thunder bay residents such as local news sites such as TbTnewswatch and the Chroniclejournal in which you can get your local news. A simple search on Google can bring up many resourceful websites for people within the area to seek out local weather, locals news, local sports and much more.

So next time you are in Thunder Bay you should take advantage of some of these great activities and spread the word about your experience in our bountiful area which is full of hidden treasures.

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