Why Do All the TV News Interviewees Use the Phrase, “Well, I Think -“

Over the last few years we see an interesting emergence in the way that Television news segments interview and the answers that we accept. It use to be experts were called in to speak or state the facts and they did just that. Now, we have all the interviewees backtracking and looking wishy-washy.

Have you ever asked yourself why all the TV News Interviewees use the phrase: “Well, I Think -“

Perhaps, you too have wondered why. It is their way of adjusting to the ever increasing political correctness.

Yet, we have always been told that such phrases as “In my Opinion” almost negate everything that was just said; so then, surely the pre-phrase “I think” prior to opening up a dialogue, argument, and before a statement negates all that is to be said. In this case the viewer of the TV program is not able to believe the statement and that dismisses the entire comment by the interviewee.

Additionally, it should be noted that more and more Blogs, and online articles in the news have interviewees that use the “I think” preamble, but why? If the individual is an expert, then their contribution to the topic at hand ought to be correct in its entirety or we need smarter, more intelligent, and stronger people to interview. More details please visit:-https://blistermagazine.com/ https://buzzleberry.com/ https://alternativefamiliesshow.com/ https://dominantanimal.org/ https://businessnewsweb.com/ https://cleanersj.com/ https://cryptocirclex.com/

Why is all this becoming so common in our language? Well, it is definitely due to the undercurrent of political correctness. Those who do not succumb to this new style, will not be called upon for comment, as the new paradigm is to assume that everyone is correct, everyone is a winner and no one is wrong. Still, we know right and wrong and we understand gray areas extremely well, so why can’t we have strong and dominate dialogue without the tip-toeing around important issues?

It’s because we do not as a society want to offend anyone. Interestingly enough, the most offensive folks are those who are precluding reality for a more politically correct approach. I ask in the end is this serving us well as an overall society? The answer is NO. In fact, it is making us weaker. It demands of us that every voice be heard no matter how absurd it is or whether it as the slightest amount of merit.

It is forcing us into a society run by committee and decisions made to appease rather than to solve problems or prevent future challenges. Thus, we end up with the worst that the law of unintended consequences has to offer. Is this really the best way to run the human race? No. No, it’s not. And that folks is not an opinion, it’s fact.

The reality is that if someone doesn’t know what they are talking about, or does not have the conviction to state a fact as a fact, then why should any of us that consume the news listen? Think on that.

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