Liver Sarcoidosis – All You Need to Know and Some Exciting News

Liver sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease. This means that there is no actual disease and it is just our body that is “convinced” that there is.

In this article we will look into sarcoidosis with liver involvement, the basic facts as well as the exciting news in the treatment of the disease.

Liver sarcoidosis frequency

Around 65% of all sarcoid patients, experience some kind of live involvement. The first indicator that your doctor will be looking for if he suspects that your liver is involved is raised levels of alkaline phosphates.

Liver sarcoidosis and granulomas development

It really depends on the stage and the activity of the disease, but granulomas tend to develop in 63 to 87 % of all the patients with liver sarcoidosis. Granulomas are often asymptomatic, despite possible abnormal laboratory tests of liver function. Patients occasionally present with high fever, anorexia, malaise, and weight loss. More details please visit:-

Liver sarcoidosis – what do doctors look for

Evidence of liver involvement requires a positive biopsy of the organ, other evidence of systemic sarcoidosis and no other known causes of granulomatous liver disease, especially tuberculosis, and one or more of the following liver function abnormalities:

  • Serum alkaline phosphatase more than three times the upper limits of normal
  • Serum total bilirubin greater than three times the upper limits of normal
  • Serum aspartate aminotransferase (AST) or alanine aminotransferase (ALT) greater than three times the upper limits of normal; and
  • Serum albumin less than 3.0mg/ml.4

Liver sarcoidosis – the great mime

It is hard to determine the presence of sarcoidosis in the liver as it mimics the way other disease affect the liver such as: Berylliosis, Tuberculosis, Leprosy or Parasites.

The good news for those with liver sarcoidosis is the fact that sarcoidosis causes cirrhosis in only 1% of the affected people.

It is common in those affected that the liver gets enlarged. As we mentioned, sarcoidosis rarely causes serious liver problems, however, and most people do not even realize it when their livers are affected. Pain just bellow the ribs on the right side can be an indicator of liver involvement.

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