Some Scary News About Chemicals in Tap Water

Perhaps you have seen news reports recently about contamination and chemicals in tap water. We must all be concerned about this problem for many reasons. Our water is vital to our health and the health of those we love and care for. Therefore its safety remains a major concern. Make sure you have the latest facts about what’s in it if you plan to drink tap water.

It would be very difficult and time consuming to avoid water from the tap entirely. The good news is that municipalities do have some systems in place to protect consumers. At least tap water has some regulations in force to ensure its safety. Bottled water has no regulatory rules. THAT’S SCARY, TOO. But never mind about that problem. One thing at a time; we are concerned here with chemicals in tap water .Tap water is often safer than bottled water but you must take some precautions to ensure its purity.

The best way to ensure the safety of your household water is to filter the water at home. Municipal systems are well meaning but frequently suffer from infrastructure problems or operator error as a result of old equipment or budget cuts. You can’t do much about those issues. You can control the water in your household with in-house water filtration systems to remove chemicals in tap water, toxic bacteria and chlorine while leaving in the minerals that promote health and provide taste. More details please

Here are a few of the really frightening toxic substances that typically lurk in tap water, even after it is deemed fit by municipal treatment facilities: chlorine, lead, cryptosporidium, giardia and volatile organic chemicals (VOC). Yuck. If you drink tap water or cook with it or bathe in it these are dangerous substances that can harm you.

Fortunately, with the new generation of high quality in-house water filtration systems you can get rid of all these problems by taking charge of your own faucets. This is critical as the human brain is mostly water and you must consume a plentiful, regular supply daily to remain healthy.

The aforementioned substances are removed by whole house filters with great efficiency. If you prefer a filter at each tap that is also available. These filters leave in the taste and beneficial minerals to make strong bones and teeth. Increasing the quality and quantity of water your family consumes will make everyone more pleasant, healthy and yes, smart. This is a proven scientific fact. An increase in water consumption will immediately increase the energy level of those who drink clean, pure water. And remember, bottled water is not the answer. Even the bottles are a big problem.

Chemicals in tap water are nasty, but tap water is still the most economical and safe kind of water to ingest as long as you are controlling its filtration. Don’t waste time, gas and money on bottled water when the greatest tasting water with the most life giving quality is right at your fingertips in your home. Drink tap water, reduce pollution and get healthy all at the same time.

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