Wedding Invitations – Tips For Spreading Your Wonderful News

Spreading the news of your wedding celebration is an important part of becoming a committed couple. It not only notifies your extended family and friends of the wonderful news or your upcoming marriage, it also communicates your the style of your wedding and its ambiance and timing. Selecting an announcement or invitation card also establishes expectations and sets the emotional spirit of your celebration. Besides being an important element of your event, it can also be a fun project.

Consider the design of your invitations early, so when your guest list is finalized you will be ready to order all the pieces and the right quantity – plus some extras. Discuss with your fiance and learn what tone you both want for your wedding. You will need to answer many questions including deciding the number of guests, a location, theme and style. All of these may have an impact on the wording and appearance of your mailing. Once you agree on these wants, you will have a good vision of how to create your invitation. More details please

Thoughtful Wording

A daunting aspect of the invitation is wording. Invitations include not only an introduction of some family members and your weddings date, time, and location. It may also include an RSVP insert, poems, quotes, or informational inserts about the details of the various wedding events. Try writing several variations of invitations using different themes and sentiments – and then read them aloud to each other. Hearing the spoken words will help you both decide how to clearly and uniquely announce your plans to family and other guests.

Simple or Elaborate

Invitations can be simple postcards or include an outer, inner, and return envelope as well as inserts and R.S.V.P. cards. A very simple idea involves using just a postcard, with one side having all the details, and the other used for a reply to your invitation. Guests need just add a stamp to the card in order to return it. Or, you can include fancy envelopes with cut outs, lace, bows, twigs, or anything else that does not add much weight or create a bulky envelope. These simply decorative elements help your card stands apart and express your personal sense of style.

Delivered as Desired

Keep in mind that awkward shaped envelopes will result in more postage costs and some may even become damaged in transit. For truly creative envelopes, you may want to test its appearance upon delivery by mailing yourself a sample invitation and seeing its condition upon arrival in your mail box.

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