Why a Portable eBook Reader Price War is Fantastic News For Consumers

Are you interested in getting a great bargain on a portable eBook reader? In this article, you are going to discover why the eBook reader price war is good news for prospective buyers, and all just in time for Christmas too.

The last few weeks have been quite a hectic time in the digital book reader world, the Amazon Kindle eBook reader price cuts, exciting new models from Sony and the amazing news that their entry level model, the Sony prs-300, will retail in the US for a staggeringly affordable $199. “What” I hear you say, an eBook reader manufactured by one of the largest consumer electronics companies, packed with cutting edge technology, and under that magical $200 price point, yes you read it right.

All this and still a good few months to go until Christmas, what more can we expect in the lead up to what is the busiest consumer spending period. Well, all bodes well for those that have either resisted the temptation to rush out and purchase a portable eBook reader, or just plain could not afford the high price that was being asked for them. The big two, who have more to lose if sales are slow, have both drawn the battle lines reducing their respective entry level digital book reader price quite considerably. More details please visit:-ricegumnetworth.com updraftblog.com writingclipart.com litigationlawyer.in umzureviews.com tedbundyinterview.com right-to-internet.com

As market leaders, Sony and Kindle not only offer what have to be the best portable eBook reader model range but they also deliver the best customer service and without any doubt offer the largest selection of books that can be used on their devices. This leaves other manufacturers well and truly on the back foot. You may ask, “how on earth can they compete” with all the things that the big two can offer their customers? To answer this question we need to look a bit more into the reasons for those recent eBook reader price cuts.

It could be argued that Amazon reduced the price of their reader due to the consumer pressure they attracted when their manufacturing price mysteriously found its way into the public domain, and a fair argument it would be. But, by doing so they reduced a price all other electronic readers where linked to. Hence the recent activity over at Sony. But was that the real reason? In my eyes, it could just as easily be that the initial rush, by the techies, to have the latest gadget at any price has slowed and to maintain their stated goals regarding digital downloaded books they need to open up ownership of these portable eBook readers to a wider audience. This makes even more sense when you look at the profit potential for selling books in this way.

And so to my point, if the big two are reducing their respective eBook reader price then you can rest assured that other manufacturers will either reduce their prices or get lost in the stampede by consumers to get their hands on the cheapest model on the market. As a customer what you need to decide is; do I wait a little longer for the others to drop their prices or do I take the plunge and buy one of the better portable eBook reader devices on the market now?. Only you can decide if the portable eBook reader price is right for you.

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