How I Got onto Yahoo! News

If you’ve never issued a free press release about your business, then you must issue the first of many tonight before retiring to bed.

Q When does one issue a press release?

A As often as possible. If you launch a business, issue one. If you launch a new website, issue one. If you make a donation to charity, issue one. If you redesign your website, issue one…the list is endless. If you promote an employee, add a new product line, etc, etc

Q Is it possible to create ‘Press Release Spam’?

A Yes. Make sure that what you have to say is news-worthy. (See above). It’s possible to issue them too often. People will get tired of you and they’ll stop picking up and distributing/publishing/reading your releases. More details please visit:-

Q How do you create press releases.

A Write them yourself (There is a recommended format). You can pay to have it done (Will cost hundreds) but do you want to pay for this every few weeks/months? Perhaps not. It’s worth learning how to write them anyway so that you can tell when it has been poorly written for you. (Especially if you’ve paid for it). Go to a free press release site (there are many) write your release about your business and click submit.

Q Why bother with press releases anyway?

A Journalists/Reporters are always searching for newsworthy stories. When I submit a press release to a press release distributor online, the release (200 to 300 words) gets sent out to in-boxes of many journalists. Depending on the quality of the release, they will publish your story.

The whole press release composing/writing/submitting/distributing can be completely free or fully paid for. I’ve used both.

The secret is to have a newsworthy story or event about your business – you may need to be creative and you must write it in the recommended style.

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