PlayStation 4 Release Date – Catch The Latest News

There is a lot of speculation online regarding the PlayStation 4 release date. Many forums are springing up all over the place, and some of the talk states that the PlayStation 4 release date is May, 2012.

Apparently, the PlayStation 3 has not even reached its full potential yet, and so there is not much rush to release the PS4. Many of the games for 3 are slated to have updated versions released to be fully compatible with PS3.

Some people are forecasting that the PlayStation 4 release date would be 6 years after the release of PS3, going on past releases. In order to remain competitive in the gaming market, many console developers continue to release newer systems with games that are much more complicated, providing a challenge to gamers. Once the gamer has master all of the games with a specific console; however, they may be looking to purchase the next generation console. More details please visit:-

This is where markets can make or break a console. If certain gamers run out of a genre of game that goes with a specific console, they may be getting their wallets out for the next console, but if it has not been released yet, then that company may be missing out on their market share of gamer funds.

If you are a big fan of PS3, then you may already have played all of the games that are available. You may be anxiously awaiting the PlayStation 4 release date. The best way to find out that date is to go right to the main company website and look for updates. Sites that are not directly associated with the company may have some general chatter, and you might notice that there are several Facebook pages dedicated to the PS4 release date too. This does not mean that anyone knows anything for certain, but it does not stop them from talking and getting people’s attention.

For now, the PlayStation 4 release date is a bit of a mystery, but that will not stop avid gamers and fans of PlayStation from speculating on that date. Rest assured, from a marketing standpoint, it will probably be released close to a time when consumers are most ready to part with their hard earned dollars, such as the Christmas season. The new module will feature updated controls with different features, and better graphics designed to compete with consoles like the Xbox.

For avid gamers around the world, and current Sony PlayStation 3 lovers there is a definite buzz in the air surrounding the PlayStation 4 Release Date []. Sony is a company with consistency, and if the past has proven anything to us it is that we can expect the PS4 to hit the markets some time around Christmas 2012.

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