Good News! Even Truck Drivers Can Reverse Diabetes Part III

In part 1, I gave a bit of history on me, in part 2, I explained a bit about Diabetes as I understand it. In this article, I will share with you just exactly what I did to reverse my type 2 diabetes. It is simple but does take some determination on your part to begin, once started it will take on a life of it’s own and become easy.

This is a lifestyle change. What this means to me is that unlike a diet it is for the rest of my life. There may be the need for some adjustments as your body changes, but what I am about to present is the basics for making this lifestyle change.

Remember, I do not exercise, I still smoke 2 packs a day or more and drink tons of coffee, yet I am free from high blood sugars, will this work for you? I believe it will, if you are strict with yourself and follow the plan of eating precisely 98% or more, of the time. Don’t start on this plan of eating if you are going to cheat on it, that wont work. If you find that no matter how hard you try you can not live by this food plan then there is probably an emotional element that you may need to deal with in which case a good therapist or joining a good support group like Overeaters Anonymous may be appropriate for you.

You will notice in this food plan that my serving size of protein is 6 ounces, this is appropriate for men, if you are a woman you will need to cut the protein level down to 4 ounces.

For this food plan to work it is extremely important that you make up your mind that highly processed foods, candies, flour products like bread and cake will no longer be a part of your life.

This food plan can save your life! And give you a much better quality of life. Diabetes is a serious disease, it causes blindness, heart attack, amputations and a very painful condition called neuropathy. For the truck driver you will lose time from work while you apply for a waiver, once they put you on insulin and they will, if, you don’t learn how to control it through diet.

So, why go to all the trouble of changing your lifestyle? Diabetes is a progressive fatal disease that will slowly kill you one bit at a time, pills are a bandage on a huge gaping wound and they don’t slow down the progression, eating right does.

So Here it is:

Les s Food Plan


½ cup oatmeal cooked with 1 cup water and cinnamon to taste

6 ounces of protein

1 piece of fruit ( apple or orange )


2 cups of salad (Italian dressing)

16 oz. Can of green vegetable ( I use either spinach or green beans)

6 oz. protein

1 piece of Fruit


Same as Lunch

2 Snacks per day are allowed choose between 6 oz. of plain yogurt or 3 oz. of protein or 1 piece of fruit

For my protein I use primarily chicken and tuna but sometimes I use pork or beef. Tuna, for me, seems to stabilize my blood sugar better than any other protein but too much tuna is not good for you so I keep it limited to 1 can a day. The weights are cooked weights.

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