Gentlemen: Your Mom Just Called and She Is Still Waiting for the Good News About Your Love Life

I think you all know me by now….right?

I am the kinda guy that has always harped and commented on these bizarre, binding forces and beliefs that literally keep us guys from, in our own little way, total greatness.

So my job is to tear down those detrimental beliefs one by one, not only allow you a fresh perspective, but to lead you to some romance before you go blind.

You’ve heard me say this before….I am a firm believer in running with scissors and talking to strangers and it seems very apparent to me why most men are NOT successful and confident in their social lives with women.

Try some of my favorite quotes on for size and you will see what I mean.

#1: “If you think education is expensive…try ignorance.” – Derek Bok

Let’s break this down, shall we? If you believe that education ends at college, then you are probably suffering from many of these soul-sucking symptoms below.

The remedy? Recognize and accept your symptoms and then address and implement some new-found and powerful knowledge. How many of these ailments are eating at you right now?

You would practically KILL to figure out how to solve the simple problem of not being alone on Friday and Saturday nights.

You don’t know how to approach pretty women and start a conversation that will engage them and mesmerize them. I mean, let’s face it…in order to get married and have a family with that special ONE, you might want to put a little effort into the few steps leading up to that, no?

OK, OK…let’s say that you know how to approach her, but you just don’t know how to ask her out…or where to take her on a date…. or how much you should spend. I totally get you.
Let’s continue…

You simply aren’t having any crazy, hair-pulling sex (complete with barking, biting and sniffing) with a special woman that you deserve. Hell, at this point, you’d be happy to have intermittent sex with any girl, right?

You wonder how and where to meet the sweet and beautiful “girl next door”. My friend, this is no longer a time for a “wondering” scenario to enter your head…..this is now a time for embracing a “learning” scenario.

You are getting older and more frustrated (not only because you are sprouting more white follicles on your chin, but because you just seem to be attracting women straight from hell…the “flings”, not the “keepers”. Well, mom is dying to meet your “keeper” before your face and head are infested with more of those annoying silver strands…and mom is definitely not getting any younger either. I suggest we get a move on.

Oh boy….here’s a jab….

You hate the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching and you still don’t have that hot, sexy woman on your arm to attend a dinner party or a fancy NYE event with. What can you commit to doing that is different this year?

Answer: Go solo again? NO WAY. Stay home? NO WAY. Mom is waiting.

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