Hurricane Tammy News

Hurricane Tammy is the second named storm of October, yet October just started and we are only suppose three Hurricanes in October? What does this mean? Well with only a couple of names left for storms this year, it means we may run out of storm names by early November. Had Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Tammy stayed a smaller level storm she still displaced another name.

Are the citizens of the United States ready for the next hard hitting hurricane? Can we as Americans handle watching more devastation on our televisions? We may not have the choice. It does however tend to trivialize such things as International Terrorists Threats or watching the sound and fury of politics in our daily dose of mass media hysteria doesn’t it? Hurricane Tammy looks to be quite serious in nature and growing, no one knows how big she may become or exactly where she will make landfall. All we know is she like her sisters Hurricane Katrina and Rita, a very un-welcomed guest whenever or wherever she finally does arrive.

After Hurricane Tammy we only have two names left, Hurricane Vince and Hurricane Wilma. Once those become Hurricanes or tropical storms, that will start the Greek Alphabet names; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. One thing is for certain we are all quite tired of this record breaking 2005 Hurricane Season, which is only 68% completed and that is if we do not have a two or three week extension in the Hurricane Season, after all it did start two-weeks early remember? Think on it.

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