Good News! You Can Start an Online Business For Under $17,000

It took many years for my entrepreneurial spirit to come out. And I’m so grateful that life forced me into entrepreneurship. These days, I take my home business for granted. But lately, amidst all the complaining about the economy, I’ve been reminded how lucky I am. Entrepreneurs see the world differently. To us, there are endless opportunities. Others see nothing but challenges and despair.

I was reminded of just how fortunate I am when I read an article recently titled “Too old to start anew?” It talked about the struggle baby boomers are facing in the job market.

The story reported that one 56-year-old man had opted for a $17,000 facelift. The facelift made him look 10 to 15 years younger and gave him more confidence. I guess we’ll stay tuned to see whether it helps him get the job he’s looking for. More details please visit:-the sims,โหลดมายคราฟในคอม,loadgame pc,โหลดเกมไฟล์เดียว,เกมเถ้าแก่น้อย งานพาร์ทไทม์,ที่พักพัทยา,jobnorththailand,งาน โรงแรม,งานโรงแรม デオナチュレ,タピオカ 原料,シームレスダウン,チコちゃんに叱られるスタンプ,点灯管

Now maybe this guy has other issues that we don’t know about, but a $17,000 investment in hopes of a better outcome from a job interview? Really?

What amazes me, is the fact that his path is undoubtedly more socially acceptable than mine. When I made the decision to change careers, I didn’t submit my resume to a gang of new potential employers. I didn’t go back to school in search of a new degree that would qualify me for new job opportunities.

Instead, I made the decision to turn my part-time online business into my full-time income. Why is my decision the exception rather than the norm? Why aren’t thousands, if not millions, of people rushing to start their own online businesses? Three reasons, I think.

First, people still crave that false sense of security that comes from having a J-O-B. I would think by now, more than ever, it would be clear that the sense of security you seek from working for someone else is indeed false. Still, those who fear job loss run to find another job so they can reap the “benefits” of a steady paycheck and health insurance.

We are programmed to believe that only someone else can provide us with these things. But what I found when I left the “comfort” of working for someone else was that my “unsteady” paycheck was far greater than the one my employer so dutifully provided every month. And the health care thing is a complete myth; your work from home profits will allow you to more than pay your insurance.

Second, the home business industry has such a bad rap that many people don’t consider starting their own business a viable and honest alternative to a “real job.” Much of this reputation is deserved, unfortunately. There is a lot of get rich quick hype out there. A lot of network marketing companies selling overpriced junk. A lot of work from home “opportunities” that will do nothing but cost you money.

It’s no surprise that most people wouldn’t even consider starting a work from home business. When they think of starting their own business, most think of investing 6 figures in a fast food chain. And then working at it day and night with the “dream” of making a profit by the third year. Who has the time, money, or desire to do that?

If you can weather the inevitable ridicule from your friends and family, you’ll find incredible opportunities to start an online business at home. Exercise your due diligence. Do your research. If something doesn’t feel right about it, or it seems too good to be true, take a pass on it. Go on to the next. And, yes, you will have some start-up costs for your new business. But I promise it won’t even come close to $17,000.

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