Life Saving News About Green Tea and Prostrate Cancer!

Do you have a family history of cancer? Are you concerned with the genetic link after a recent family member passed? If the answer is yes you must read this article regarding green tea and prostate cancer. It could save your life!

A lot of us might be familiar with this brews’ amazing antioxidant and healing properties. We many even have heard that it can help us lose weight or help us have healthier hearts. Additionally we have heard, in passing, that it can help prevent the dreaded “c” word. But do you know how and why?

The Science!
In laboratory studies, scientists have deduced that the polyphenols (antioxidants) found in green tea, help to create cell death in cancerous cells during normal cell division. But it leaves normal cells alone. Now, most scientists speculate that this was due to the antioxidants . What they didn’t realize was just how strong a punch they packed. Findings show the antioxidants found in this brew are an amazing 120% stronger than vitamin C.

As research continued, it was also discovered that the anticancer properties are also related to how this herb effects angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the body’s ability to create red blood vessels and this green plant inhibits that ability. Cancerous cells are constantly multiplying, and with that comes a need for blood that contains oxygen and nutrients. With this inability to create new vessels, it is effectively prevented from eating and starves!

And in addition to killing off cells and starving those that are present, the leaves also are able to work on cell genetics by telling genes to make cancerous cells self destruct.

What About the Prostate Variety?
We have talked about polyphenols as being antioxidants. The specific polyphenol we find in these leaves is epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC). Studies have revealed that ECGC inhibits the replication of prostrate-specific-antigen (PSA), which is the marker that will indicates whether you are at risk. In addition, ECGC not only inhibits this marker, but it also decreased PSA activities, which could lead to disease.

How Do I Get Mine?
Believe me, after reading this, I was actively trying to find out how I could incorporate this into my life. What I found was interesting. I discovered that in order to get the most beneficial properties, I had to be able to find the most superior product. Since this plant is primarily grown in China, it is difficult to acquire the best leaves.

What I did find to be more accessible and more convenient were quality supplements. Often, I found myself wondering how much of the medicinal qualities I was actually getting. With supplements I do not have to worry about not getting enough or too much.

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