Vista Upgrade Compatibility News

Microsoft launched its newest operating system, Windows Vista, just months ago. While some expected the program to fly off the shelves and bog down online orders, Vista hasn’t been as well-received as some predicted it would be. One of the main reasons why many consumers and software manufacturers are wary of Vista is its known compatibility problems with current software programs.
Many people don’t realize that certain computer applications and software only work with a designated version of Microsoft Windows.

When the same programs are opened in Vista, they may face errors or slow startups. For example, Apple iTunes just discovered a compatibility issue in which ejecting one’s iPod from Internet Explorer or by “safely removing hardware,” which are typically the norm, could damage the iPod when using Vista. More details please visit:-

Adobe Photoshop apparently also had some startup difficulties when opening the program on a Vista OS and Kaspersky antivirus also found scanning errors occurred when using several versions of their product. Spats between Microsoft and some of the best antivirus providers are brewing because many security software services feel Microsoft is encouraging a shift to their security suite over traditional computer antivirus software.

Many companies and consumers alike are also concerned about Vista software upgrades. Vista’s launch is forcing software companies to add a downloadable upgrade to make their products compatible while others are forcing a brand new purchase on a newer version of that software. Many sites, including, are delving into software-compatibility-research, determining which PC’s are Vista-Ready and which Vista-friendly software purchases could benefit consumers.

Although many feel Microsoft wasn’t efficient enough in marketing its new Vista product, some believe a transition to the new operating system could take up to two years or more. This will give Microsoft some time to patch up compatibility issues and to give the public the chance to warm up to the system.
While Vista is off to a rocky start, it is sure to pick up momentum and popularity as Microsoft continues advertising and offering product upgrades. In the mean time, computer users are recommended to research various kinds of software before making a purchase to determine compatibility with the brand new Vista OS.

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