Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

You may have heard of the term, “Book Doctor” in your writing career. Maybe you’ve wondered what a Book Doctor does and if it’s a good idea to utilize their services.

In essence, a Book Doctor is an individual who promises to assist you in making your manuscript ready for submission to an editor or publisher.

The sad truth is many Book Doctors simply provide minimal editing services and little else.
Many potential authors have sought the services of one of these ‘professionals’ in an effort to make their manuscripts as complete as possible. The belief most authors in this situation have is that the “Book Doctor”, like a real doctor, will provide their manuscript with a thorough check-up and will diagnose problems with the manuscript and provide expert opinion on the best means of getting their manuscripts into the best possible shape for publishing.

It may be more advisable to simply have an editor take a look at your manuscript and fix glaring problems and offer suggestions. It is probable that there are some “Book Doctors” whose services are as good as advertised, but for the most part they simply will not do what you are expecting them to do. This scenario creates mistrust, costs valuable resources and causes a writer to become a bit more jaded if they are duped in this way. More details please visit:-

If you have well respected writing friends it may be more advisable to approach one of them to assess their willingness to review your manuscript, offer advice and possible offer some editorial suggestions on the work.

The chances are pretty strong that you will get further by approaching a trusted writer friend than relying on a Book Doctor for your editorial requirements.

To be fair, you will find many qualified editors who can assist you in making your manuscript shine. Perhaps the greatest advise is this: if the services offered seem too good to be true – they probably are.

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