Basic Blogging Tips for Novices II

Bloggers often want to start writing about things that they find interesting. After a while, they see that they are writing about the same thing over and over again. They want to write about something else. In order to find more things to write about, you need to go out in the community and find stories. This article will give you some ideas on how to find local news in DC.

One of the places to start is among your friends and associates. Whatever topic it is, find people who are subject matter experts and write about the topic. Get their insight and balance it with your own research. You would not believe how many people you know who are experts at something. For example, find someone who is good at cooking. Ask him or her how long they have been cooking and set up an interview with them. This is an easy way to find local news in DC for your blog.

The next place you can look is on the Internet. Find subject matter expert blogs and community calendars. Find special events where you can interview the person leading the event.. Ask the organizer if there will be future events. This can set you up with more local news in DC in the future.

Another place to look is in the local paper. The community calendars are a great resource for finding new and free events to go to. Book discussions, lectures, sporting events, and fine arts events are a great place to start. Get the perspective of the performers and the audience. Make your point in the article. These are some other ways you can find local news in DC.

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