Market Ebb and Flow

The world of sensex has drawn attention from many an investor with the rage encompassing all segments of the society be it housewives, retired professionals, office goers, entrepreneurs, amongst others. Investors gain an insight about the current market conditions from the sensex that represents 30 most actively traded stocks. As index is calculated on the market cap method, a free-float capitalization technique, restricted stocks do not form part of it. Mostly, institutional investors, promoters, and the government deal in the restricted stocks.

The investor needs to be aware of all that is happening in the stock market. Regularly watching the sensex index and the news does keep one updated so that profitable shares can be bought and sold at the favorable time. Market ‘ebb and flow’ is characterized by one sector going up, while another down and vice versa. The sensex news at the moment are carrying headlines of the sensex gaining most in 11 weeks and the index figures ending near 16,850. news also highlighted on the currently emerging sectors – metal and auto – topping the list.

Sensex Nifty are the coinages termed in all sensex news including stock market news, as these are the two major calculators of the market conditions, representing the two prominent stock exchanges BSE and NSE respectively. If a sensex news carries the sensex index figures, Nifty figures follow automatically. Currently, while the sensex closed at 16844.20, up by 148.47 points, the Nifty ended at 4996.90, up by 44.25 points.

Recently there has been an in-flow of overseas investors given the prospective market conditions compared to other nations. India is tracked worldwide and when the web can change the vast earth into a tiny village, investors across the world can sit at the comfort of their space and trade online anytime at the same time keeping a watch on the news, Nifty, index, and other market updations. Furthermore with the cropping up of a number of online brokerage platforms, opening a demat account or procuring the services of a stock broker are all easy jobs!

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