A Typical Day Aboard a Trawler

Last week my wife, Mary, and I hosted prospective customers, John and Brenda on board our sundeck trawler. They’d come to see us to begin checking out living aboard a used trawler. These folks were surprised to find out that we had lived aboard for 12 years; in view that we happen to be brokers made the project easier they said. Their first reaction was typical of most individuals who discover our way of living. You must be incredibly comfortable staying full time on a trawler or perhaps a tad bit crazy they inquired. What exactly is the regular living condition while living aboard a used trawler they asked? What about the outdoor conditions? Do you ever get afraid? What is it like to keep up a trawler?

Unwilling to make my response into a very long speech as they had driven approximately 3 hours to meet us and also had a long drive back home, I told them I would answer their questions with short responses. In addition I modified my answers as regular days. There are also the unusual days, for example when a thunder storm blows in with 70 miles-per-hour gusts of wind requiring you to go out in the pouring driving rain at 3 AM to look at the lines.

Many people seem to conclude that living aboard a trawler is in fact having a Jimmy Buffett way of life each and every day of the week, year round. We do have a few of these days but it’s not regular. There is always our work, continual maintenance, and responsibilities to finish up.

A typical weekday morning commences with us rising at 5AM; I still have a job to do as CEO of our brokerage business. Walking up to the sundeck with coffee in hand will welcome me with an extraordinary view when the sun begins to crest. The mirror image of boats on the creek with the continuously changing shades of the sky is consistently out of this world. The quiet movement of the boat due to the light breeze from the south reminded me that although we were secured to the dock, we were detached from many people’s everyday lives. The next step within my day would be to take some time on my laptop reading the day-to-day news events.

After taking a shower, dressing along with a decent breakfast it was time to get the day moving. Operating a brokerage business is an entirely different topic; simply let it be said we might be traveling showing a yacht to a potential buyer or listing a boat for a seller. We might also be spending the full day marketing at a computer screen so we will likely be on board our boat for hours. However we run the yacht brokerage https://www.pfmyoga.com https://www.spanisch-claro.ch/ http://www.ropaindustrial.net/ from our trawler so living on a used trawler is part of our preferred way of life. I’m truly sitting here scripting this piece of writing as part of marketing and advertising while looking out of the window at the neighboring boats. I see an osprey circling overhead at times as he looks for a meal.

The weather conditions are definitely one thing you must observe while living onboard a used trawler. We watch long range forecasts but also monitor short terms also. In our neighborhood summer season storms can show up almost any time.

There is little opportunity to get bored as you are staying full time on a trawler. The considerable exercise that is needed to maintain our trawler made it easier for us stay in a fit condition. Being a self-employed small-time business owner I have the freedom of stopping my brokerage activities to accomplish one more live aboard undertaking anytime. I do not have to answer to a boss. Generally if I need to replace the generator oil in the afternoon, I can do so.

It doesn’t matter if filling the freshwater tank from the dockside hose, adjusting the dock lines, or varnishing the hand rails, we are continuously physically working out. While some would probably view these everyday jobs as tiresome, we view them as a part of the yachting practical experience and enjoy them.

Since both of us like preparing food, we usually prefer on board food items made with fresh organically grown produce and grass fed meats. We barbeque steaks, poultry and fish often. We eat on the upper aft deck, experiencing and enjoying the view of passing dolphins and manatees or transient yachts as they cruise on the ICW.

During the summer time, we take advantage of the longer days, anchoring at our most-liked close by anchorage. While we are at anchor we continue to carry out yacht brokerage activities as we possess a WiFi system aboard our trawler. But we also take a bit of time to play some and get a little rest and relaxation.

We live in NE Florida so our winter seasons usually are not awful at all. Right now it’s the middle of November and I am still running around barefoot; no footwear needed while living on a used trawler.

Typical weekend days living aboard a trawler are not very different than Monday to Friday. A typical weekend morning would start most likely at the same time as a weekday morning. Often there is much more goings-on at the slip, as folks will arrive to take their vessels out or perform some maintenance. You will find lots of people walking along the dock, washing their vessels, speaking about governmental policies and who was traveling someplace, as well as the sound of vessels’ marine engines firing up.

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