Reimage Review – PC Maintenance Software That Can Make Your Windows XP System Run Like New

The Reimage online service has, over the past few years, been helping Windows users who require a computer maintenance and repair solution, but do not wish to pay for expensive technician costs or be without their computer for any period of time. I have been using Reimage since Fall 2008 on 3 PCs, during which time they have benefited from staying stable, fast, virus-free computers as a result of using Reimage.

What is Reimage?

Reimage is a PC maintenance software service available over the internet that can make your Windows XP machine run like new, without needing to reinstall Windows XP and without loss of personal data.

It checks the health of your system files in a 30 minute scan, diagnoses operating system (OS) problems, and replaces objects detected as faulty or missing on the PC using a spare parts repository of 25 million files. After viewing the scan results, a 30 minute online pc repair process can be run to fix all the faults. It finishes up by rebooting the PC for the repairs to take effect.

Reimage realized that files can become faulty or go missing over time as a result of software installations, virus harm, defective drivers, broken registry entries or just not being kept up to date with the latest versions. Reimage can do the troubleshooting and then repair all of these faults.

Does Reimage Actually Work?

I have used Reimage since September 2008 on three different PCs. In this time, I have run a full scan on a quarterly basis against each of the machines (a desktop PC for music production, a work laptop used for work and a media centre desktop PC). The initial scan takes 30 minutes and is completely automated and I am happy to report that it has performed excellently every time.

The initial PC troubleshooting scan highlighted a lot of damaged system files which it was able to repair using the online repository of healthy files. I allotted these faults to installation/removal of dozens of applications and hardware upgrades I had made to the PCs over their lifespan. The native O/S drivers were also highlighted as out-of-date.

Once Reimage had remedied all the faulty/missing files identified and the full system reboot I noted the PC did boot up a lot faster, application stability had improved (especially using older software which had benefited from driver upgrades) and better internet connection performance (probably due to the modem’s driver upgrade).

Thankfully, no personal data regarding login details/personal settings in applications/etc. were lost at any point while the Reimage PC maintenance software’s repair process was running. This was a key point in running this on my work laptop which I use daily so needed to turnaround repairs in a single evening. It only needed 45 minutes as it turned out (30 minute scan plus 15 minute repairing) and repaired Windows XP without needing to re-format the drives, while leaving my user data and applications intact!

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