Man Boobs – A Modern Male Phenomenon: Causes and Solutions

Man Boobs – A Modern Male Phenomenon: Causes and Solutions

There used to be (and still is) the phenomenon of the beer belly on heavy, mainly male, beer drinkers, but it has been joined by the new male phenomenon of man boobs. While this is not a new condition, cookware solution it mainly used to seen on either pubescent boys or elderly men. The difference today is that men who otherwise would be considered in their prime now suffer with this phenomenon.

Men with this problem suffer embarrassment, especially during social situations that would normally require them to take their shirt off, namely going to the beach, the pool or similar situations. It can see them restrict themselves from most outdoor activities such as playing sport.

There are diverse factors that can cause man boobs, and while the exact cause is unknown, there are two distinct types of man breasts: gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia. Simply put, more info please visit sites:- gynecomastia relates to a man’s hormonal balance; whereas, pseudo-gynecomastia is related to a weight problem.

So, what are the suspected culprits in men having man boobs due to gynecomastia? The first thing any man who has man boobs should do is visit his doctor to ascertain which type he has. If he is found to have gynecomastia, there are a few obvious suspects that will be ruled out. And, in each case, the solution is remove the substance that could be the cause of the man boobs.

Some men with gynecomastia find that their man breasts are related to medications they are on. Others find that an underlying medical condition has caused the problem. So, in both cases, either a change of medication or treating the medical condition should solve it.

Another possible cause of the problem is common chemicals that are known to disrupt the hormonal balance. A great example of this is Bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastic. Another common chemical that is suspected of altering the hormonal balance is the Teflon found in non-stick cookware.

Gynecomastia can also be caused by long-term anabolic steroid use. In this case, the body produces more estrogen to compensate for the anabolic steroids increasing the amount of testosterone in it. Some suggest that anabolic steroids actually suppress a man’s naturally occurring testosterone, but whatever the exact reason, the result is man boobs. This is most commonly found in sportsmen or body builders.

Substance abuse can also be complicit in a man’s developing gynecomastia. Illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin or methamphetamines are all known to disrupt a man’s hormonal balance. As is alcohol. High consumption of caffeinated beverages can raise the body’s cortisol level, which in turn upsets the hormonal balance.

A diet made up of processed food and sugar is another factor that could have contributed to the development of man boobs. The evidence surrounding sugar is clearest, as it is known to affect the insulin level, which plays an important role in keeping the hormones balanced. Exactly what effect processed foods has on hormonal balance is unclear, but the high trans fat found in such food is not recommended. Moreover, the plastic containers processed foods are stored in could be high in BPA.

The cause of pseudo-gynecomastia, in contrast to gynecomastia, is simple. It is probably the most common cause of man boobs. Here fat has built up over a man’s chest, making the resulting rolls resemble breasts. So, clearly, it is the poor diet and lack of exercise that has caused a man to become overweight or obese. So, switching to a healthy diet and starting to do regular exercise is the solution. This approach could also benefit men who have gynecomastia, since exercise can help raise a man’s testosterone level and a healthy diet should counteract the hormone disrupting effects of processed foods.


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