Online Shopping Versus Small Town America

Many people over the last several years have come into my store and said “I can get that cheaper on the internet.”

Having a small retail brick and mortar store in America today is not what is was yesterday. academictask The online community has undoubtedly taken a share of business from Mom and Pop. I don’t think this is a bad thing, as many retailers have jumped aboard the online shopping train with websites of their own making a new breed of brick and mortar, something like brick and web or mortar and modem. It forces stores to be more creative to compete with the lower overhead online shops.

If you sell anything in America today from a storefront, buycbdonline you better be online or risk being left behind. I jumped aboard several years ago with my jewelry making supplies before the slow market took hold. Selling on a popular site like Etsy, eBay, Craigslist or a website of your own has become essential to compliment the now struggling brick and mortar retailer. You have to be able to reach a broader audience. I am fortunate in that my small town America has a cute, quaint older area that has eateries and coffee, bars and bakeries and some great shops that carry a nice variety of stock. That is not to say that things aren’t difficult just because the area is cute. We work hard at promoting the area to keep it going and many of the small shops sell online to supplement sales. If I hadn’t begun selling online, the bead store would probably be closed like so many small retailers across the country. rumpletec We have lost some of the shops to what’s now become the new normal pace of retail, slow.

So in this new normal you have to be able to participate face to face and also behind the monitor. It can be a scary venture for some but storefronts have to find new ways to promote their wares. Online selling is here to stay so why not grab your market share.

When someone comes into the store and says they can get that cheaper on the internet, I take the opportunity to use my practiced reply, “Yes the internet has some great deals. Have you seen these new widgets we just got in? You should also check out our website. betechsoul We list a lot of specialty items that we don’t have room for in the store”. Then I thank them for supporting local business. It is becoming more common now for people to say that they shop both online and in storefronts. It would seem that the battle of online shopping versus small town brick and mortars is finally leveling out some.

Bottom line, try to find a niche to compliment your goods in the storefront and get started with online promotion and selling. influenciveaffairs It’s the new breed of the brick and mortar.

Author Denise Ferguson


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